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Choosing the Best Collar or Harness for Your Dog

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Collars or harnesses can be expensive when your looking for the perfect fit. For years we would go the medium route and get reduced quality at better prices. After many years of aggravating issues, we finally decided to buy a brand we were hearin so much about. We spent a few more dollars and bought Izzy and Ellie May there first Puppia. This was only 5 to 6 more dollars and flourished in quality. When looking for a harness you have to remember that the one best for winter may not be the best for summer. Puppia Harnesses are completely breathable and will in most cases work for both seasons. Puppia has a really padded chest area. This is good for the playful ones as well as your seniors too. In my opinion Puppia is a hard choice to turn down. But if you like there style and ease of access but not looking to break the bank, check out Burberry. Authentic Puppia RiteFit Harnesswith Adjustable Neck

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